이탈로 디스코
형식적 기원 이탈리아 대중음악, 하이에너지, 포스트 디스코, 일렉트로닉 락(크라우트락, 뉴 웨이브, 신스팝 등), 디스코
문화적 기원 70년대 후반 이탈리아
주로 쓰는 악기 드럼머신, 신디사이저, 키보드, 샘플링, 시퀀서, 보컬, 일렉기타, 드럼
파생된 형태 유로비트, 이탈로 하우스, 이탈로 댄스
유로댄스, 프리스타일

주요 아티스트와 곡 편집

Year Artist Song
1978 La Bionda "One for You, One for Me"
Giorgio Moroder "Chase"
Riz Ortolani "Il corpo di Linda"
1979 Easy Going "Fear"
Tantra "Hills of Katmandu"
1980 Kano "Holly Dolly"
Kano "I'm Ready"
Kano "It's a War"
Kano "Now Baby Now"
1981 A Number of Names "Sharevari"
Passengers "The Last Romantic"
1982 Blackway "New Life"
Dharma "Plastic Doll"
Electra "Feels Good"
Expansives "Life With You"
Klein + M.B.O. "Dirty Talk"
'Lectric Workers "Robot Is Systematic"
Pink Project "Amama"
Gino Soccio "Remember"
Steel Mind "Bad Passion"
1983 Asso "Do It Again"
B.W.H. "Stop"
Baby's Gang "Happy Song"
Casco "Cybernetic Love"
Charlie "Spacer Woman"
Doctor's Cat "Feel the Drive"
Fun Fun "Happy Station" (Scratch Version)
Gazebo "I Like Chopin"
Gazebo "Love In Your Eyes"
Helen "Witch"
Kano "Another Life"
Klein + M.B.O. "The MBO Theme"
Gary Low "I Want You"
Mr. Flagio "Take a Chance"
My Mine "Hypnotic Tango"
P. Lion "Happy Children"
Plustwo "Melody"
Ryan Paris "Dolce Vita"
Righeira "Vamos a la playa"
Alexander Robotnick "Problèmes d'amour"
Bob Salton "Starknight"
Savage "Don't Cry Tonight"
Scotch "Penguins' Invasion"
1984 Baby's Gang "Challenger"
Big Ben Tribe "Tarzan Loves the Summer Nights"
Carrara "Shine on Dance"
Valerie Dore "Get Closer"
Danny Keith "Keep On Music"
Valerie Dore "The Night"
Fake "Frogs In Spain"
Fancy "Slice Me Nice"
Ken Laszlo "Hey Hey Guy"
Sandy Marton "People from Ibiza"
Miko Mission "How Old Are You?"
Moon Ray "Comanchero"
Novecento "Movin' On"
P. Lion "Dream"
Ryan Paris "Fall In Love"
Raf "Self Control"
Rose "Magic Carillon"
Savage "Only You"
Scotch "Disco Band"
Alexander Robotnick "Dance Boy Dance"
Topo & Roby "Under the Ice"
1985 Alba "Only Music Survives"
Baltimora "Tarzan Boy"
Cyber People "Void Vision"
Valerie Dore "It's So Easy"
Brian Ice "Talking to the Night"
Ken Laszlo "Tonight"
Loui$ "Pink Footpath"
Taffy "I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)"
Thai Break "Flowers In the Rain"
1986 Eddy Huntington "U.S.S.R."
Koto "Jabdah"
New Order "Bizarre Love Triangle" (Shep Pettibone 12" Remix)
Mike Mareen "Love Spy"
Radiorama "Vampires"
Sabrina "Sexy Girl"
1987 Danuta "Touch My Heart"
Den Harrow "Don't Break My Heart"
Funny Twins "You and Me"
Francesco Napoli "Balla Balla"
Sabrina "Boys (Summertime Love)"
Spagna "Call Me"